Friday, September 04, 2015

Breakfast Club #1736 - 9-4-15

Today: Partly sunny with a high of 83.  North east winds at 5-12

Tonight: Parlty cloudy with a slight chance for rain.  Low of 67.

Saturday: Partly sunny, hot and humid.  High of 90.

Saturday Night: Partly cloudy with a low of 70.

Sunday: Partly sunny, hot and humid with a high of 89.

Labor Day: Partly sunny with a chance for a shower.  High of 80.

6:50am: Tuffy Munson from Tuffy's Outpost

6:55am: Lyle's Auto Body Feud: Mike Silver won

7:20am: ASA Modified Pitch  National Championship Preview

7:55am: Cassidy Williams won the Birthday Contest

7:50am: McDonalds TV Theme Song Trivia: Matt Bertram won

8:10am: Phil Moses

8:50am: Local Golf Scores

9:10am: Behind The Badge


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