Friday, October 16, 2015

Breakfast Club #1817 - 10-16-15

Today: Sunny with a high of 75
Tonight: Clear with a low of 27
Saturday: Sunny with a high of 52
Sunday: Sunny with a high 54.

6:50am: Tuffy Munson from Tuffy's Outpost

6:55am: Shirly Rassmussen won the Lyle's Auto Body Feud

7:10am: Rays TV and Appliance Pigskin Predictor
1. Sue guessed 31
2. Keith guessed 28
3. Justin picked GB to score 17

7:20am: Tom Schneider of Silica For Your Home

7:29am: Birthday winner:

7:50am: McDonalds TV Theme Song Trivia

8:10am: Phil Moses of Philly's on 4th

8:20am: Spike's Johnsonville Green and Gold Preview

8:50am: Give A Heart To Gilly Event

9:10am: Behind The Badge


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