Friday, November 20, 2015

Breakfast Club #1838 - 11-20-15

Today: Sunshine with a high of 38.  Northwest winds at 5 to 15

Tonight: Snow starting about 10pm with a low of 26

Saturday: Snow through late morning with a 1 to 3 inches in Fond du Lac with more to our south and east.  High of 28.  North winds at 12-15

Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy with a low of 19.

Sunday: Sunshine with a high of 28.

6:50am: Tuffy Munson from Tuffy's Outpost joined me.

6:55am: Liz Skalsky won the Lyle's Auto Body Feud

7:10am: Ray's TV Pigskin Predictor
1. Wally guessed 28. 
2. Wendy 20 
3. Adam 31

7:29am: Culvers' Ang & Eddies Birthday Winner.: Dale Witte


8:10am: Phil Moses from Philly's on 4th

8:20am: Kelly Twohig of Adashun Jones

8:50am: Johnsonville Green & Gold Preview

9:10am: Behnd The Badge


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