Monday, July 18, 2016

Breakfast Club #1978 - 7-18-17

Today:  Sunshine with a high of 85.  Northwest winds at 5 to 10

Tonight: Clear with a low of 62.

Tuesday: Sunshine with a high of 85. South winds at 5 to 10

Wednesday: A chance for thunderstorms with a high of 88.

Thursday: Sunshine, hot and humid with a high of 95 with head indexes near 110.

Friday: Sunny and hot with a high of 96 with heat indexes over 100.

6:50am: Lyle's AutoBody Feud: Liz Skalsky won

7:10am: FDL County Fair Preview

7:20am: EAA AirVenture

7:50am: McDonalds Movie Quiz

8:20am: FDL County Fair Preview

9:10am: FDL Senior Center


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