Thursday, April 10, 2008

Breakfast Club: Show #1 - 4/10/08

Hey Gang...

As much as I hope you can listen to the Breakfast Club and After Breakfast on KFIZ straight through from 6am to 9:30am every weekday, I know you may miss something here and there because you're taking the dog out, getting the kids ready for school, or going to work, so I'll try my best every day to give you a rundown of what when on during the shows, and include important information that our guests may offer. If you miss a phone # or website or a date on the show, check back here on my blog later in the day and I'll hopefully have it posted. I'll try and sort things by the hours they aired. If you're looking for the latest local news, weather and sports, head back to I'll give you the extra stuff here.


6:20am: KFIZ Meteorologist Karl Klopitik says we may see some snow on Friday night.....yuck!

6:25am: Entertainment News....Reports say Katie Couric may be leavng the CBS Evening news as early as next January. American Idol Gives back hopes to raise $100 million dollars from Wednesday night's program...There's a new episode of The Office on NBC Tonight!

6:40am: Today in history....In 1953 the first 3-D Movie...In 1942 The Bataan Death March Started...and Comedian Sam Kinison was killed in a car accident in 1992.

6:55am: Today's KFIZ News Quiz winner was Pat Tlout. She took home an Olive Oil set answering the correct question.


7:18 - Brian Carter from Fond du Lac Seafood checked in. He's got lots of new fish ready for you at the store on North Main Street and if you're looking to book a Summer Fish Boil, he's like to have you all signed up by May 15th. Give him a call at 517-TUNA or visit him online at

7:25am - CW Smith Birthday time.....celebrity birthdays today include Actor Haley Joel Osment, who turns 20, Singer/Actress Mandy Moore is 24...John Madden is 72.

7:50am - KFIZ Newsman Bob Nelson commented how his filled his car up with gas for the first time since late January and couldn't believe how much the price has jumped. He had his hip replaced in early February and couldn't drive his car very far since then.


8:10am --OOPS! It's a Ticket Window Thursday on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ. Every Thursday at 7:45am, I'll ask a Brewer trivia question. If your the first caller through, with the correct answer, you'll win a pair of tickets to an upcoming Brewers game. Hey, I forgot about it at 7:45am so we did it at 8:10am. Today's Question....Name the pitcher that left the Brewers to sign a free agent contract with the Cincinnati Reds.....ANSWER: Francisco Cordero. Al Cedarholm was the first caller with the correct answer and he will be going to see the Brewers play the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday, May 12th at Miller Park.

8:25am - Paula Price checked in from the Ripon Area Chamber of Commerce. There are a lot of great events going on in the Ripon area. For more info check out their website by clicking HERE

After Breakfast - 9am-9:30am

It was an Outdoors Thursday presented by Dutch's Trading Post. Bob Haase had Sherman Jacobson in as a guest as they talked about the Walleye's For Tomorrow FDL Chapter Banquet on April 19th and also Spring Hearings which are coming up on April 14th.

The Banquet is at the Knight of Columbus in Fond du Lac. If you want more information call Frank Beuk at 921-9259.

If you want more info on the Spring Conservation Hearings check out the DNR Website by clicking HERE

If you would like to hear a podcast of today's Outdoors Thursday program click HERE

That's it for Show #1 on Thursday. Again, I'll try and post important info on the Breakfast Club daily.

Have a great day.


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