Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Breakfast Club - Show #10 - 4/23/08

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Here's other tidbits from today's editon of the Breakfast Club on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ.

6:18am: Karl Klopotic's Forecast: Sunshine today with a high of 68. Some rain may come our way on Thursday and Friday.

6:25am: Entertainment News: Myley Cyrus is just 15 but she's already going to publish her memoirs...FOX was the most watched TV Network last week thanks to American Idol. CBS was 2nd with seven shows in the top 20...Marlee matlin was voted off of Dancing With the Stars last night with R&B star Mario being the 2nd lowest vote getter.

6:40am: The History Vault: In 1950 the Minneapolis Lakers won the first NBA title...In 1954 Milwaukee Braves outfielder Hank Aaron hit his first career home run...In 1956 Elvis Presley played Las Vegas for the first time...In 1985 Coca-Cola announced they were changing the formula of their classic softdrink in what some call the worst marketing move in history.

New Coke Facts: The initial reformulated Coke was called "Project Kansas"...Despite perceptions that New Coke was an immediated failure, some areas saw their sales rise...Less than 3 months after the introduction of "New" Coke, the Coca-Cola Company announced that the "old" Coke would return..."New" Coke stuck around and had it's name changed to "Coke 2" in 1992, but was released in very limited amounts and in 2002 was officially discontinued.

KFIZ News Quiz: Ken Keuschel correctly knew that Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary and takes home a Chex-Mix Prize Pack!

7:10am: The Fond du Lac Fire Department is holding their annual Brat Fry at the South Main Street Station. Stop down for lunch and suppor the Fire Department and also the Fond du Lac County Red Cross. I'll be down their from 10am to about 11:15am

7:18am: Kids and Money. High School Seniors in 2007 scored just 48% on the annual JumpStart Coalistion's survey on fianance. That's compared to 52% in 2006. The survey asked questions regarding stocks, credit cards, hom mortgages, and health insurance. College students scored 62% on this year's quiz.

7:25am: Celeb Birthdays: Shirley Temple-Black is 80...Actress Joyce DeWitt (Janet on Three's Company) is 59....The Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors is 69...Actress Valerie Bertinelli si 48.

7:50am: People are still talking about Johnny Depp and his appearance in our area to film the movie Public Enemies. KFIZ Newsman Bob Nelson said that they were getting news about the movie shoot up in his hometown in upper Michigan. I mentioned that one of my friends actually was at a martini bar in Appleton last week, when Mr. Depp walked in with his bodyguards. He said he was very nice to them and later when word got out, the bar started to fill up.

A bank robber in Texas is accussed of robbing two banks and authorities didn't have very much trouble finding her. It seems she scribbled the note demanding money from the teller on the back of her food stamp application which she had filled out with her correct name and address.

8:20am: The Stark Automotive Show: Cole from Stark stopped by and said they have some great values on the lot right now. If you're looking for a vehicle, give Stark a visit. Stark's website by clicking HERE. 390 North Rolling Meadows Drive....920-923-7900

8:50am: This is the one year anniversary of Russian leader Boris Yeltsin passing away. One liquor distributor in Texas in encouraging everyone to do a shot of vodka in honor of Yeltsin today. He says you should do it straight...Boris' favorite way, but if you have a weak stomach, stop at just one or two as you don't want to ruin your day.


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