Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fondy Gets It Done

The Fond du Lac Cardinals are going to the 3rd Round of the WIAA Football Playoffs after an impressive 28-24 win at Mukwonago this afternoon. Coach Brad Kozaczuk moved senior Josh Korb from his left slot back position to fullback and it paid off to the tune of 126 yards and 3 TDs, including a 55 yarder early in the fourth quarter. Korb's offensive line did a great job today. They've struggled a bit this season but on Saturday, they gave Korb, Steve Chesna and the rest of the RBs some room to run and also Ben Anderson had decent time to throw the football. The thing I like about this win is that everyone contributed. It wasn't just the names you've heard all year, Anderson, Biolo, Korb, and Shea, but others as well. Jake Wirtz made a spectacular catch in the 3rd quarter to keep a drive alive and avoid a punt out of their own end zone. Sophomore QB Joe Bertram threw a perfect pass on a fake punt that led to a score as well. You also so Sean Hayes and Sam Wayland take some snaps at the slot. The offense just seemed to have that extra jump in their step today and it was good to see.

Yes, there were lots of guys stepping but it was those familiar names that made big plays at well. Korb's 125 yards and three TDs may be what gets the headlines, but it was a defensive play that could be the play of the game. On a fourth and goal from the five with :07 left in the first half, Mukwonago led 14-7 and looked to go up by two TDs, but Korb knocked QB Pat Quiglieri out of bounds inside the one and the Cards went into the locker room down just seven. If the Indians score there, Fondy does not win the football game.

Then in the end QB Ben Anderson drove the team down the field for the game winning score. The team was patient and confident as they drove down the field in the final minutes of the game. Ya gotta love Anderson rolling to his left and firing a rocket across his body to Kyle Duquaine for the game winning the way..if you listened to the radio broadcast...I guess I don't know my right from left since I said Ben rolled to his right, when in fact it was his left.

Other notes from the game, Mukwonago has a very strange football stadium. All the bleachers are on one side of the football field and the press box is on the west side with no we were looking into the sun the entire fourth quarter and had to guess what was going on in some places. They also had mini-bleachers out in the north endzones. I've also never been to a game that was so windy. It was blowing right from the west and into our broadcast booth all night...brrrrrr!! I wonder how cold it was out in the stands! Hey, who's complaining! The young ballboy for Mukwonago was out there in just a T-Shirt all game and he had no complaints!

I gotta give props to the Mukwonago School District as well....they really do a nice job in how they treat people at the game. In the press box they had hot chocolate, coffee, popcorn, and soda and water on the house! The best was to a broadcasters heart is through the stomach, and Athletic Director Toby Akerman and his staff were great! Very friendly and I hope we get to visit them again someday! So if you know someone at Mukwonago, please pass the word along that the broadcast team at KFIZ was very appreciative.

So its off to level three of the playoffs for the Cardinals...they will longtime state power Hartland Arrowhead at Fruth Field next weekend. When you talk about great football programs in Wisconsin names that come up are always DC Everest, Oak Creek (well not anymore), and Hartland Arrowhead. It will be great to see a great program line up across the field against Fondy at Fruth.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why is Fondy going on the road in the 2nd round?

I've had that questioned posed to me more than one time since the Cardinals beat Madison LaFollette on Tuesday night in the playoff opener. Well, the WIAA has decided that if you win on the road in the first week of the playoff and you are playing a team how won a home, game you get the home game. So when unseeded Mukwonago knocked out #1 seed Janesville Parker on the road, they earn the home game for Saturday. To me this is very screwy. To me, if you are seeding the top four teams, the seeded team, or higher seeded team should always host. You should be rewarded for getting a seed, instead, you win, and now you hit the road. So basically, Fondy being the #4 seed had ZERO chance of having a home game in week two, because if Parker had won, they were the #1 seed and would host since both teams were seeded.

I've actually asked some people "In the know" about this..and most think its a stupid rule, but I guess they WIAA may look at it, as they want to spread the wealth a little, giving more teams a chance to earn money from concessions and such for their booster clubs.

There are some coaches because of this rule that told me that they would rather go on the road in the first round to give themselves a better shot at having a home game in round two. I look at that kinda like saving your ace pitcher in game 6 of the World Series, when you need to win to get to that 7th game. I would want the home field whenever I could get it, the sooner the better.

On another note...have you checked out the hair of most of the Fondy football team? In a show of team unity there are some very unique haircuts right now. Mohawks, reverse mohawks, stripes, checkers, diamonds, and some things I can't explain. I was at practice tonight and after practice, there were a few playings getting an updated cut. There's nothing like leaning your head over a garbage can, and letting a fellow teammate, take care of business on your dome!

Coach Koz, still has a full head of hair though! If you're a Fondy player reading this, you gotta get him on it to! I'm sure he'll look good on the sidelines and teaching history with a mohawk!

As always you can hear the Fondy game on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ on Saturday. The kickof is set for 3:30pm in Mukwonago. We'll be on the air right around 3pm when the Badger game coverage wraps up. The game will be uploaded to our website later in the evening for you to listen to or download to your personal computer. Also, at 7pm on Saturday night you can hear all the high school playoff scores and highlights on Football Friday Night presented by Kremer Pharamcy on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ.

Once again...if you see me at the game...please come and say hi!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Diener Could Be On The Move...

Former Fond du Lac Goodrich and Marquette star Travis Diener could be on the move. Word out of various sources say that many NBA teams are calling the Orlando Magic about trading for Diener. The Magic like Diener, but their log-jam at the point may force them to make a deal, especially if they can get a big man in return. A couple of the destinations would re-unite him with former Marquette teammates. One rumored deal has Diener going to Miami, which would mean he gets to play with Dwyane Wade...oh and Shaq! Another rumor said Houston had interest, which means Travis would be teamed up with rookie sharp-shooter Steve Novak again. I've also heard that Memphis and Atlanta may have interest in Diener.

Whereever Travis ends up, I look forward to seeing him get more minutes in his 2nd NBA campaign. When Travis got on the floor last year he was productive.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prep Football: 2nd Place in the FVA!

The Fond du Lac Cardinal football team is the 2nd place team in the Fox Valley Association all by themselves with a 6-3 record. If you had told me that with a first year head coach, a drastic change in offensive philosophy, and a JV team that struggled a year earlier, this team would be 2nd in the FVA, I would have had my doubts. It really appears that the kids did buy into Coach Koz's philosophy and it paid off. From the first time I met him in Fond du Lac Athletic Director Brian Skortz's office last spring, and as I got to know him and talked to others who worked with him on a daily basis I was impressed. From having DVDs of his offense ready for coaches, to bringing in former players from Virginia to help teach the Wing-T, to running crisp practices, to having his team answer with "Yes Sir!" while he addresses them into the huddle, to having teachers wear the players jersey's on game days to promote school spirit, he's injected a new brand of enthusiasm to a program that already had a tradition of being successful.

When I looked at the schedule before the season I thought this team would be a 5-4 or 4-5 and finish in the middle of the pack in the league at best. Being the outsider looking into the program I speculated that sure wins would be, Appleton East, Kaukauna, and Appleton West. Games that I thought Fondy would drop would be Kimberly, Oshkosh West and Appleton North. That would have left the Cards at 3-3 with "swing" games against Neenah, Menasha, and Oshkosh North to decide their playoff fate. Shows you what I know! Fondy swept the "swing games." Beat the two of the three teams I thought would defeat the Cardinals in Oshkosh West and Appleton North, and lose to my sure wins against Kaukauna and Appleton West. Oh well! I'm glad I underestimated them.

The thing I like about this Cardinal team is that they don't beat themselves. The offensive hasn't been lights out this season, but it hasn't had to be. Ben Anderson has led an offense that didn't make too many mistakes and didn't put the team in position to lose.

I really like how Coach Kozaczuk has his offense running like a machine. They get in and out of the huddle quickly and aggressive. Huddle up, line up, snap the football. There were many times this season that the team would have huddled and be ready to go with the next play before the ref had set the football back in play. I loved the crisp tempo that they have.

On defense the "bend but don't break" philosophy has been the motto. If you look just at the stats..both on defense, and on offense, this team should be 3-6 rather than 6-3, but the numbers do lie in this case. Fondy's defense has given up a ton of yards this season, but once the opponent got to the red zone, either the Cardinal defense would make a big play or the other team would self destruct on their own. 9th in the FVA in total defense and 10th against the run, don't add up to six conference wins...unless you're a Fondy Cardinal! I like it!

2nd place is great, but Fondy isn't done yet. They have a playoff game or two or three or four, or five Hopefully the first is at Fruth Field next Tuesday night. As Coach Koz told his team in the post-game huddle after the Appleton North game last night. "The Road To Camp Randall Starts Friday!" Lets hope the Cardinals can keep finding ways to win and make some noise in the post season.

The playoff pairing will be announced on Friday afternoon. When they come out you can hear them on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ. We'll also broadcast the Fondy game on Tuesday night on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ. You can also hear past Cardinal games via podcast at our website at Most games will be online by noon the next working day and available to listen to and download for free.

Again, congrats to Fond du Lac on a great regular season! Let's keep it going!

I'll see you at the game!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Prep Football: Where Will Fondy Go In The Postseason?

Fondy hosts Appleton North tonight at Fruth Field. A win by the Cardinals would get them at least a tie for 2nd in the FVA with a 6-3 record. The Lightning and Oshkosh West are also 5-3 heading into tonight’s regular season finale. With a win tonight, Fondy may also be in line for a home playoff game at Fruth Field. A loss and a 5-4 record, means they most likely go on the road to a conference champion.

You never really know for sure who or where a team will be going until the WIAA releases the pairings on Friday, but I’ve done some digging and here’s what I’ve found out about where Fondy might be headed. A win by Fondy could give them a home game against Sun Prairie out of the Big Eight Conference. They also might see a Green Bay school depending on how the brackets are split up.

A loss tonight by Fondy could send them on the road to one of three teams that will most likely grab at least a share of their conference championships in Hartland Arrowhead, Mequon Homestead or Hartford Union.

Again, this is just speculation on my part, with a little inside info from some people “in the know.” We do know that the official playoff pairings will come out on Friday during the mid-day. As soon as all the matchups come out we’ll tell you where the area teams are playing on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ. You can also check our website on Friday at to find out the pairings when they are released.

It's a big day for high school football today on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ. We have a double header on KFIZ. Fond du Lac Springs can become playoff eligible if they can win at Kettle Moraine Lutheran this afternoon. There are no lights at KML so that game kicks off at 4pm. We'll have the game on KFIZ today. Coverage begins at 3pm with the Backyard Grill Kickoff Show. When that game is done we'll go right to Fruth for Fondy and Appleton North.

On Thursday, WLA wraps up their regular season at Berlin. We'll be on the air with that one at 6:40pm on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ. After the game on Thursday hear the final regular season edition of Football Friday Night presented by Kremer Pharmacy.

All three high school games will be put up on the Internet at for your listening enjoyment and download by noon the day after the broadcast.

We’ll see you at the game tonight!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Diener Off To Good Start in Sophomore Season!

It's great to see former Fond du Lac Goodrich and Marquette star starting to turn some heads in the NBA. Was there ever a doubt?

Check out this article in the Orlando Sun Sentinel...Click on the title of this entry to link over the the article at the papers website.

He has a mop of hair and a slight build, which makes his Orlando Magic uniform appear even bigger and baggier than NBA designers intended.

At 6 feet 1 and 175 pounds, Travis Diener still looks like he stepped off a high-school court yesterday -- no matter how hard he tries to age his image. And he tries.

That's why his skateboarder-scruffy beard is back, much to the chagrin of his mother.

It makes Diener look a little older, a little tougher, a little more grown-up.

Nothing, though, has matured more than Diener's game since his rookie year last season.

After his 23-point outburst Saturday night against the San Antonio Spurs -- which improved the Magic's preseason record to 3-0 -- Diener might as well shave the whiskers.

When Coach Brian Hill looks at Diener now, he sees a driven young man who has grown into a pro.

"Travis is an NBA player," Hill said. "The thing right now is that he knows he belongs. I don't know if he felt that way a year ago. He's certainly playing like it."

The league is taking notice, too. An NBA scout at the Magic-Spurs game said, "Looks like they might have a point-guard controversy down there in Orlando."

That might be an exaggeration, considering Jameer Nelson and Carlos Arroyo -- thought of as Point Guard 1 and 1A since late last season -- have not played an exhibition game this year because of injuries.

When asked about Diener's place in the point-guard pecking order, Hill said, "Everybody has to earn playing time, and that's not going to change. We'll see what happens."

Hill said he wasn't opposed to activating three point guards on game nights.

Diener has captured the coach's confidence with his shooting and improved decision-making.

"I have no reservations about playing Travis at all," Hill said.

Diener conceded that he had reservations last season as he tried to make the transition from college. He played in just 23 games for Orlando, watching the rest.

"I feel a lot differently than last year. I think you can see it when you watch me play. It takes some adjustment," he said. "The summer league helped me a lot."

Diener played freer and fearless this summer, the way he did at Marquette, and led the Magic in scoring. As the only healthy point guard available against the Spurs, he willed the Magic to the victory.

He hit 7-of-11 shots, including all four of his clutch 3-pointers, and he had zero turnovers in 44 minutes.

Two of Diener's 3-pointers came in the final nine minutes, and his jumper and two free throws gave the Magic a 92-85 lead they would not relinquish.

Diener also has solidified his stock as perhaps a tradeable asset, meaning the Magic actually might have gotten something out of the infamous Fran Vazquez draft of 2005.

Orlando picked Vazquez at No. 11, but he elected to play in Spain. Diener was taken in the second round, the 38th pick out of Marquette.

The club traded Lithuanian center Martynas Andriuskevicius, another second-round choice, to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Several teams are searching for point guards, and there has been some interest in Diener.

He certainly is building a case in Orlando, showing his growth.

Brian Schmitz can be reached at

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Badgers Keep The Axe!

One of the reasons that I love college football so much is the rivalry games. Teams playing for some odd thing you might find at a garage sale Most of the trophies are old and worth just a few dollars, but their value to the teams is priceless.

The Heartland Trophy, The Old Oaken Bucket, the Wagon Wheel, The Apple Cup, and of course Paul Bunyan's Axe!

Of all the rivalry games in college football, I love the Battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe. Each year, the Badgers and Golden Gophers not only fight it out for Bit Ten pride, but also this historic trophy. Winning and keeping the trophy on your side of the Mississippi is one of the most important goals of the season for each team.

I always enjoyed hearing the story how former Badger assistant Jim Huber would gather the Badgers every year before the game and tell the historic story of the Paul Bunyan's Axe and the Minny-UW rivalry. Obviously, I've never heard this speech, but people who have tell me that is its unbelievable. This year, with Huber gone to the Minnesota Vikings, Barry Alvarez was called upon to give the speech, and accoring to some of the players, he did a pretty good job. Alvarez told Jim Caston on the Badger Radio Network Pregame Show on KFIZ that he stole a lot of his material from Huber, but still enjoyed it and felt he did a good job.

On Saturday, the Axe would stay in Madison for at least one more year and that was known pretty quick into the game as the Badgers got a quick defensive score and before you knew it, that game was over! And that was before halftime.

ANear the end of the game, I wondered down near where the Axe was being kept behind the Badger bench to check you the Axe as the players would get ready to parade around Camp Randall. It's so fun to watch 19, 20, 21, and 22 year old men fight like brothers on Christmas as to who would get to carry the Axe around the stadium. When the Axe is on the other sideline and you win it back, it's a sprint to the Axe, and the fasted guy on thet team usually wins the race and grabs the Axe and takes off. Since UW was about to win it's third straight game in the rivalry, it was right there and it I had laugh as different players politiced as to why they should carry the Axe first or chop at the goalposts.

In the end QB John Stocco was the first to carry the Axe with others taking their turn before Coach Bielema called them into the lockerroom.

I love Paul Bunyan's Axe...and I love college football.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Prep Football: Fondy takes another tough loss

The Fond du Lac Cardinals have dropped two straight games as we head down the home stretch of the 2006 regular season. Last night it was Appleton West downing the Cards 30-28 at the Banta Bowl in Appleton.

Early on, Fondy's defense had trouble tackling Terror RB Chad Baeten. The Cards struggled a bit tackling early in the season but got better as the season went on. Last night, Chad Baeten, ran through a lot of Fondy tackles on his way to 201 yards and a touchdown. I think Baeten could be the best running back in the FVA, his combination of speed and power are as good as anyone I've seen this year. Also, West QB Jake Knuppel was great with the football on the play-fakes. He had the Cardinal defense and the radio announcers doing double takes looking for the football all night long.

One positive note from last night was that Fondy's offense seemed to find its Mojo a bit. Granted Appleton West wasn't the 1985 Chicago Bears, but the line did a nice job giving Anderson some time to throw which is good. Appleton North will be a tougher challenge in the regular season finale and confidence is key.

I do give Fondy some credit for not mailing it in as well. The kids battled last night. Fondy had a 13-10 lead to start the 2nd half and got the ball, a TD would have put them in position to run away from West, but a turnover and a quick TD put the Terrors in the lead..they scored again to go up 24-10. Fondy didn't fold though, they battled back to cut the lead to a field goal...West came right back to score, but Fondy had the answer as well on a Mike Shea TD run and after a two point conversion were just down 2 at 30-28. The defense held, and Fondy got the ball back in good field position. They drove down inside the 20 and were looking to punch it, but with no timeouts...Ben Anderson got sacked and the clock ran out.

Now, already I've gotten emails from fans asking why when Fondy got that deep, why didn't they just center the football and try for the field goal since they were only down by 2. We'll my response to that is, this is high school football, it's not the NFL, even a 30 yard field goal is no gimme at this level. Trying to punch it in the end zone was the right call from the Fondy coaching staff, it's just a shame that the only thing that couldn't happen did...a sack.

The loss leaves Fondy at 5-3, and when it comes to playoff pairings there's now a good chance Fondy will head on the road for the first round. If the Cardinals can beat Appleton North on Wednesday night at 6-3 there is a chance for a home game. If they fall to the Lightning on Wednesday on Wednesday, and finish 5-4 on the season, there is a good chance the Cards get sent to #1 ranked Hartford (who lost last night), or Manitowoc who has clinched at least a share of the FRVC title. A Fondy-Manty matchup would get lots of hype as Coach Kozaczuk is a Manitowoc Lincoln grad.

Just an FYI, we are now putting our high school games up on the Internet at The games are not live, but I'll upload them usually by the early afternoon of the next working day. The Appleton West game is up on the site right now.

With just one week left in the regular season, News-Talk 1450 KFIZ will wrap up the regular season in style with three high school games this week. On Wednesday, Fond du Lac Springs came become playoff eligible if they can win at Kettle Moraine Lutheran. With no lights at KML, that game will kickof at 4pm on Wednesday, the at 7pm Fondy wraps up their regular season as they host Appleton North. KFIZ will have both games on the radio. Coverage begins at 3pm on Wednesday with the Backyard Grill Kickoff Show. On Thursday night, WLA closes out their regular season at Berlin. You'll also hear that one on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ. Coverage will begin Thursday night at 6:45pm. The kickoff is set for 7pm.

OK...I've got a few more sportscasts to do this morning on the News-Talk 1450 KFIZ Breakfast Club...Then it's off to The Camp to see Bucky whip up on Goldy The Gopher.

As Always, I'll see you at the games!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Listen to High School Sports at

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that as of this week, you will now be able to listen to News-Talk 1450 KFIZ's high school sports broadcasts at our website The podcasts will not be live, but I'll have the games uploaded and commercial free on the website usually by noon the next working day. So if you're a fan of Fond du Lac area high school sports and you miss a game or you live out of our listening area, you will be able to listen at your leisure.

Each game will probably be up on the site for a few weeks before it's replaced by another game. Feel free to download the games off of our site to archive them for future enjoyment.

Thanks and we'll see you at the games!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Prep Football: Ugly Homecoming loss for Fondy

Well, Fondy's 4 game winning streak came to an end last Friday night as they fell to Kaukauna 7-0 at Fruth Field on Homecoming. It's always nice to win your Homecoming game so a homecoming loss seems harder to absord, as was the case on Friday night. Fondy was clearly favored going into their game with the Ghosts. Fondy was 5-1, Kaukauna was 2-4 but had won two of their last 3 games since inserting sophomore Jordan Giordana at QB. You new early that this was going to be a struggle for both teams' offenses after each team had a few chances and could do nothing.

Early on Kaukauna's defense was getting into the Fondy backfield causing havoc for not only the Cardinal running backs, but also QB Ben Anderson. Ghost linebacker Nick Martzahl gave the Fondy O-Line fits as he continually got pressure on Anderson and screwed up any chance of getting a running game going. With no time to pass and get the ball in the hands of play-making receiver Kyle Senn, and no chance to run up the middle, Fondy was pretty much stuck with trying to get to the corner and get yards on the outside, which was also a problem on this night. With the way things were falling for Fondy, you could have given the Cards the ball on the 10 yard line and they would have had trouble punching it in the end zone.

As bad as the Cardinals were on offense, they defense came to play. Paul Biolo had 2 interceptions, one of which was in the end zone, and the defense held the Ghosts on a four straight plays from inside the one yard line to keep the team in the game.
The Ghosts were in Fondy territory almost the entire night, and that eventually paid off as they turned a Cardinal turnover into the games only score in the 3rd quarter.

Yet, with all the struggles, Fondy still had a chance to tie late, but Fondy couldn't get it done after rolling up a few first downs.

Coach Koz is a good coach, so I'm sure that his team will get up, dust themselves off, and get ready for Appleton West. It would be great for Fondy to find a way to win their final two games of the season because a 7-2 regular season mark would most likely get them a home game for the opening round of the playoffs at Fruth Field. At 6-3 or 5-4 you could end up on the road in round one.

Hey, if you look at the picture at the top of this entry, you'll see the brand-spanking new Fondy Cardinal mascot hanging out with the cheerleaders. The old Cardinal did the school well, but the new one looks sharp!

Also, congrats to Springs for getting a big win at Lomira on Friday night to keep their playoff hopes alive. I admit, I was one that had written off the Ledgers and thought they'd lose on Friday night and end their long string of playoff runs. They pulled it out and now it could come down to the final game of the regular season at Kettle Moraine Lutheran. Winning their final two games won't secure a spot, but will likley get them into the postseason.

Here's what's coming up this Friday on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ for high school football. Fondy heads to Appleton West so that's where we will be. The Banta Bowl is my favorite stadium in the conference next to Fruth Field. Anyways, we're on the air at 6pm with the Trepanier's Backyard Grill Friday Night Kickoff Show. The Backyard Grill Kickoff Show will broadcast live from Fruth Field where Springs hosts North Fondy. The Cards and Terrors kickoff at 7pm.

We'll see you at the game!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cutting Carroll A Good Move

Ted Thompson cut Ahmad Carroll on Tuesday afternoon, just hours after he let Eagle receivers run up, around and over him on Monday Night Football. Carroll has been a complete disaster since being taken by Mike Sherman in the first round of the 2004 draft. If I remember right, Carroll didn't have many interceptions at Arkansas but everyone always talked about his athleticability and potential. I remember sitting at the Packer headquarters when Carroll was taken. Many a eyebrow was raised when the selection was made. First off this guy was five-foot-nothing. Remember Terrell Buckley?? That's what people said. Ron Wolf said after he drafted T-Buck that he would never draft another corner under 6-feet tall. I guess Mike Sherman wasn't listening and the little guy became a Packers.

I think Carroll had a flag thrown at him when he walked off the plane during his first trip to Green Bay after the draft. It became apparent in a hurry that Carroll wasn't that good. He has been abused by offenses more than any other defensive back I can remember since I've been covering the team. People would always say that he was young and would get better, but he never did. It was the same thing, day after day, game after game. Holding, pass interference, or just plain getting his butt burned.

Cutting Carroll was a good move by Ted Thompson in a couple of respects. First off it rids you of a guy that has shown signs of getting better. It also rids you of a guy that didn't have too many friends in the locker room or in the media. Remeber the fight he and Joey Thomas got into? How about kicking Rod Gardner during training camp? Or Mike Flannigan calling him out in the lockerroom for being a punk and not a team player. If you are going to stink, if you're a nice guy, you can at least feel a bit bad for a guy...example, Brady Poppinga has struggled this season, but he's a great guy and you can pull for a guy like him to get better and succeed.

I think this cut also sent a message to the team that if you don't do your job, you'll be gone. It reminds me of Mike Holmgren cutting Kitrick Taylor during Brett Favre's first year in Green Bay. Taylor caught the game winning score in Brett's frist game as a Packer against the Bengals. He dropped a key pass either the next week or a few weeks later and he was gone! Holmgren made a statement cut. I think the Carroll cut could be Ted Thompson's statement cut.

Plus if Ted Thompson is going to fail in Green Bay he'd probably feel better doing it with his players and not Mike Shermans. By the way, how many guys that Sherman drafted are even still on the team? And of those guys that have been cut, how many are currently on other teams? Not too many....but that is a whole different story.