Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why Is There No College FB Playoff?

Every year the outcry is the same in Division One College Football. People want a playoff to determine the national champion and every year, the NCAA gives reasons why it can't happen in D1-A when its done in D1-AA, Division II and Division III.

You've heard them all before.....Kids already miss too much class....the players bodies won't be able to handle it....the travel would be too much for fans...

The real reason is money $$$$$$$.

There was a great article in the San Diego Union Tribune on the amount of money bowls make, specifically the top bowl executives. click here for the story.

The Badgers play in the Outback Bowl. Their top executive Jim McVay made a staggering $490,000 in 2005. WOW! Nearly half a million dollars to run a bowl game that is one day a year. The top 10 bowl executives made over $250,000! That's a gig I want! Be in charge of the Chick-fil-A get $265,000!

I want to start a bowl here in Fondy...We'll call it "The Foot of the Lake Bowl" and I'll be in charge!