Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just Eat The Whole Darn Donut!!!

OK....first off, I can't wait until the high school sports season fires up and the Packers get going, so this blog, doesn't have to be a big session of little old me complaining. But then again, besides eating, and sleeping, complaining is right at the top of my list of things to do on a daily basis.

Today's with something near and dear to every radio broadcasters heart....or stomach....The free food. In our business, we have various people from the community stop by our station every day to promote various events around the area.

When they stop by, many of them bring donuts, or some other type of food as a "Thank You," if you will. Many have found out that the more food you bring, the more air time you get! ha! (Mary Ann Dilling of Fond du Lac Festivals is the "Queen of Food" at our office! She always brings her "A" game when it comes to spoiling the on-air talent!) on to the rant...So we have on a daily basis, a plate of donuts, cookies, cake or whatever sitting out every day. For example today, there are donuts sitting about 10 feet from me thanks to our good friend Jerry Gordon from the Fondy Vintage Auto Club as he was promoting this Sunday's Car-A-Funda at Lakeside Park. As i sit here up walks a fellow employee and grabs a donut, and rips it in half, and puts the other half back on the pile....COME ON PEOPLE...if you're gonna eat the donut...take the whole thing! It's not like eating half the donut is goiing to keep you from becoming 300 pounds...and we all know that you'll be grabbing the other half in about 15 minutes just take the whole darn thing now and eat it all! (most of the culprits are females by the way as guys just say screw the half...give me two!)

Can I go to a salad bar and take had a biscut and put the other half back? NO
Can I order a Big Mac at McDonalds and take give the cashier one of the patties back? NO!
Can I buy half a pizza at Pick N Save? Nope.

I guess it must be my purpose in life to get the office staff to eat an entire donut in one sitting! :-)

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Snooze Button = Worthless

OK...I had a revalation this weekend. I've deteremined that the snooze button on alarm clocks is absolutley, 100% the dumbest thing ever invented. First off, I'm not going to say that I've never used it, but I would say it's been used maybe 5 times in my 32 years on this Earth. Here's my problem with it after having to deal with a friend, who was telling me that they set their alarm for 5:30am to make sure they got to work by 7am. OK..the alarm goes off at 5:30am...they hit the snooze, then 10 minutes later hit it again...and again, and thing you know, you've hit the snooze five times and it's 6:20am.

Here's my question, if you are that darn tired why not just set the alarm clock from 6:20am and not dilly dally around hitting the snooze and never really falling back asleep.

I can tell you this, I set my alarm clock when I have to get up and when it goes off, I'm up in less than a minute!

Come on people....NO MORE SNOOZE!!!!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's Over!

It was fun while it lasted, but just like many other rock stars....Derrick Turnbow's time of selling out stadiums could be over. When Turnbow burst onto the scnene last year as the long-haird, fireballer, Brewers fans latched on to their new found hero. For about season and a quarter, whenever it got to the 9th and the door to the bullpen opened, fans got on their feet to cheer their hero. A few 100 mph fastballers later and the Brewers would have a W! Well...those days are done, every since Derrick Turnbow Bobblehead Day back in June, when D-Bow blew the save, it's been an ugly roller coaster ride when he was in the game. Wednesday's latest meltdown could have been the last nail in the least for now. Ned Yost has to do something now, whether it's just giving his closer a break, or lookig for another answer, nobody will have confidence in the reliever if he's called to the hill on Friday night in Cincinnati. Not the players, the coaches, the fans, or even Turnbow himself.

What can Yost do...who knows? There's been talk of giving Dave Bush a shot at closing when Ben Sheets returns to the rotation. Bush has been a closer in his career. Cleveland's Bob Wickman, a former Brewers, is said to be available if Ned Yost wants to go that route, or maybe one of his other bullpen guys will get a shot. Bottom line is Turnbow needs a break!

I just hope 10 years from now, we're talking about the days when they had that odd-ball Turbow who threw hard and was an overnight senstation...only to fade out of the Mark "The Bird" Fidrych.

In stead of the Rolling Stones....Turnbow looks like he could be more of a "One Hit Wonder" ala Carl Douglas and his Kung-Fu Fighting. It was a neat novelty at the time but nothing more.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I just don't get soccer

OK...I tried to watch the World Cup Final on Sunday when Italy faced France. I'm a guy that likes to watch "events" and considering the scale of the the championship of what is considered the world's game, I thought I'd tune in......and I was bored as hell.

I know that people will tell, me I don't understand it, that's why I don't enjoy soccer. Which I guess is correct. But I can't see how this game could have the huge following and passion of the people around the world.

From what I see, nothing happens. Guys run around "the pitch" for like two hours and that's it. You better not tune away, as I did to check out the Brewers, because you may miss a goal, the only goal of the game, game back like a minute later and the score was 1-1....and that was it for the game. ZZZZZZ!

Soccer fan...answer these questions for me.

1. Why in the heck do they end the game with penalty kicks? I think that is the stupidest thing ever. Play to a winner, I don't care if they have to play all night, someone will eventually score a goal to win it. Granted that could be after the rest of the players die of starvation after like 5 days, but give me a least in the World Cup your penalty kick thing for the other games.

2. Also, can't they come up with a better way than penalty kicks to decide the game if they can't play all night. I think that takes zero skill. The guy stands there, he kicks the ball, the goalie guesses which way he's gonna kick it and may get lucky if the dude misses it. I could do that for crying out loud.

3. Why dont they just stop the clock when someone gets hurt. Leave the clock running when the ball goes out of bounds and such, but if a guy is faking an injury on the ground like it seems most do. A little push makes them look like they have a broken leg. Stop the dang clock so when it hits 45 minutes..end the half..and at 90 its the end of the game.

4. There's another thing, why does the clock go up and not down like every other sport? I just dont get it.

5. Also I was glad to hear that Germany's President as they kept saying on TV attended 46 of th 64 World Cup Games over the last month. I bet they got a lot done in the country in June. Maybe next Summer George Bush could tell us he's taking June off to attend baseball games all over the country.

6. Now don't get me wrong, Soccer players are athletes and could be some of the best conditioned athletes in the world since they play the whole game with very few subs, and I guess actually attending games could be fun as long as you knew all the words to the songs and chants they do while the paint is drying on the field.

OK..It's been a long weekend I need a nap, maybe Sunday's game is being replayed on ESPN Classic....that'll put me to sleep, since I just don't understand the appeal of the sport.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nice Shirt Drake

It was nice to see Fond du Lac native and former DePaul basketball star Drake Diener sporting the "News-Talk 1450 KFIZ Cagers For Crohn's" T-shirt at his first press conference in Italy after signing a deal with a pro team just north of Milan.

As Drake said this week on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ's "The Focus" with Bob Hoffmaster, "Now if any Italians visit our area, they will tune into The One You Depend On, News-Talk 1450 KFIZ!"

I'm sure Drake will be a star on and off the court during his adventure in Italy...and Thanks for the international plug!!