Tuesday, April 25, 2006

#5 Pick Should Be Interesting

As of right now Packers GM Ted Thompson says he's going to keep the 5th pick in the first round of this weekend's NFL Draft. On Monday, Thompson said he was going to get an impact player with the fifth pick and he would prefer that rather than trading back to get a couple of solid players for the team.

It is going to be very interesting right around Noon on Saturday when the Packers are on the clock. It's almost a given that at least one of the three "big" quarterbacks, either Matt Leinert, Vince Young or Jay Cutler will be on the board. Ted Thompson has always said that you pick the "best available" player early in the draft because if you draft for team needs, you can reach and get into trouble. If he is truly taking the best guy on the board, that could be Texas QB Vince Young. I can just see the fan out-cry from all of the "Brett Favre" lovers saying Ted isn't helping Brett, if he does come back, go out a winner. Thompson held firm at his Monday press conference saying that he is drafting for the long-term health of the franchise and not short term gain. Which in my book is good to hear.

Another draft scenerio could see tackle D'Brickshaw Ferguson still on the board. He has the potential to be a Pro Bowl tackle for the next decade. Would Ted dare take a tackle with big time money invested in Mark Tauscher and Chad Clifton? The commmon rumor is that Green Bay would move Tauscher inside, something he has said he didn't really want to do.

Whatever happens this weekends, whether Green Bay keeps the pick or trades the first round pick, the draft is so much more entertaining when your team picks high.

Packer fans hope that they can get a good player this year at #5 and then wait around until late in the draft in the year's to come.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fond du Lac Oratorio Concert

If you heard the Breakfast Club this morning on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ, I sat in for Jerry St. John as host and had a chance to chat with Corey Schneider of the Fond du Lac Oratorio Chorus about the 35th annual Fond du Lac Oratorio Concert this Saturday.

Here are the details on the event...

Saturday, April 22nd, 7:30pm, - Fond du Lac PAC.

Tickets available at Wegner's Office Supply and from chorus members.

Ticket cost $8.00

For more information call 926-1380 or 922-7596

Event highlights include...

120 voice chorus - Requiem" by Mozart as they celebrate his 250th birthday.

Fond du Lac Children's Chorale

There will also be soloists and an orchestra.

This is another great event that the city of Fond du Lac should be proud of! Head out and support your fellow community members this Saturday night.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Join me this Saturday for the Human Race!

I'll be out at UW-Fond du Lac this Saturday morning broadcasting live on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ, beginning at 7am for a great community event put on by the Volunteer Center of Fond du Lac County. The Human Race features the Thrivent Financial 5K run/walk at 8:30am and the 1 mile run/walk at 9:30am.

You can walk and raise money for any charity you like in Fond du Lac County. At least 75% of all funds raised will go toward the charity you designate. The rest will help coordiate the event and fund Volunteer Center activities.

I'm raising money for the Volunteer Center and would glady take donations from anyone interested. You can send me an email at wade@kfiz.com or give me a call at 921-1071 ext. 278.

If you don't want to raise funds, but just want to take part, it will cost just $10.

For more information call the Volunteer Center at 926-1414.

The Human Race is presented by the Volunteer Center of Fond du Lac County, Flyway Signs, The Exchange Club and News-Talk 1450 KFIZ.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Twilight Zone on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ

One of the most legendary TV programs has come to radio and News-Talk 1450 KFIZ is proud to be able to broadcast it. The Twilight Zone radio drama now airs every Saturday night at 11pm on KFIZ. Actor Stacy Keach takes the role of Rod Serling to lead you through each week's episode, which is an adapted screen play from the original TV series.

Also every week, a well known Hollywood actor stars as the main character. Talent such as Jason Alexander, Kate Jackson and Lou Diamond Phillips have anchored episodes in the past.

The Twilight Zone will be a great Saturday night lead-in for fans of Coast to Coast AM, which is hosted by the legendary Art Bell every Saturday night/Sunday morning at Midnight.

Check it out...The Twilight Zone Radio Drama...Saturday Night's at 11pm on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why No Spring Prep Sports on the Radio??

This time of year, I seem to get the question asked to me about why KFIZ doesn’t broadcast the games for high school sports in the spring such as baseball and softball like we do in the fall and winter for football, basketball and hockey. There are a few reasons why we don’t.

#1 is the weather. Simply put, this is Wisconsin and you never quite know what Mother Nature might bring to the table day in and day out. That makes it very difficult to schedule a game for broadcast. I remember one year where almost the entire baseball season was played in about a 2.5 week period because all of the rain/snow/cold outs. That makes it very hard to find advertisers, because if they are promised X amount of games in a season and then with rainouts and such there is no guarantee that they would get that many games if we can’t reschedule them. Also the game times are a challenge as well for spring games. Before 6pm it is very difficult to work around our network contracts in order to air games. With Sean Hannity, Clark Howard airing on KFIZ and Brewer baseball already pre-empting them a few times a week, we sometimes can’t break away again.

I love prep sports, and that’s a big reason I enjoy my job so much at KFIZ is being able to attend and broadcast various prep sporting events around the area and I wish we could do more for the spring sports season like we do in the fall and winter months.

I’m still out and about at games in the area, so be sure to say hi, if you see me at a diamond or field.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bonds Really Got Big!

Boy...I knew Barry Bonds was small when he entered the Big Leagues...but I didn't think his transformation was THIS dramatic!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Favre Must Decide!

This weekend's latest episode of the "Will he or won't he" saga known as Brett Favre's future was just plain stupid. State and national media converged on Mississippi and Brett Favre's golf outing, for a press conference that one of Favre's people said might contain a "scoop" on the three-time MVP's future.

Favre, showed up to his presser and basically said, there's nothing to say and the media wasted their time to come to Mississippi. We'll Brett, the reason all the media showed up and carried the presser live (including News-Talk 1450 KFIZ) was because someone FROM THE FAVRE CAMP implied that there might be news.

If Favre knew that there wouldn't be any news, why didn't he make a statement on Friday saying, that he didn't have a decision and the presser would be for his foundation only. I think #4 didn't do this because he wants the attention and likes having the media follow every move he makes.

It would have been common courtesy to the media and the fans to just come out on Friday after the reports surfaces and said he had not made a decision.

But then again, we've been going through this the last few years, and would we expect anything less...

Now, don't get me wrong, Brett Favre is the greatest player ever to put on a Green Bay Packer uniform and he's the #1 reason Green Bay returned to glory, but at some point you just have to move on and I think the time is now! If he still isn't sure on his future over three months after the season, maybe it's time to hang it up.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Who Are These Guys??

Can you identify this current KFIZ employee and the current FVA high school boys basketball coach he is defending?

(Hint...one guy's is 20 pounds heavier...and the other has a few less hairs on his head these days!)

Post your guesses in the comment section!

Monday, April 03, 2006


OK...I've become a huge fan of wings...not the really hot ones, as I don't believe eating should be painful, but mild to medium do me just fine. What I'm looking for help on is places that I can go in the Fond du Lac area to find great wings. When I lived in Sheboygan, there was a place called Legend Larry's Wings N Things that have the best wings I have ever had. I've had wings at the Colisium on Main Street in Fnody and they are very good...and you can't beat the 25 cent wings on Mondays.

I like to try different wings, and want to know other places around that Fond du Lac area that have wings. What can you suggest?

Please post your favorite places to get wings in the comment section of this post.



Wrestlemania 22...

I had a chance to attend the WWE's annual Wrestlemania pay-per-view on Sunday night in Chicago. Regardless of whether you "get" what the entertainment value of it is, you have to appreciate the show that Vince McMahon and his company put one. We all know the results are scripted, but the pure guts and athletic ability needed to compete in a match is 2nd to none. You can't fake, diving 22-feet off of a ladder and landing on another human being and have both participants come away uninjured.

The engery at the All-State Arena was great as the fans were really into it and backed the wrester they were a fan of or boo'd the heel they didn't like..or in the case of John Cena, who is a good guy......he got boo'd the worst of anyone on the night.

WWE = Big Bucks....it came out today that last night's event was the highest grossing one day event in the history of the historic arena in Chicago.

Say what you want at the WWE. I love it, I'm entertained by it, and there are a lot of others that obviously do as well.