Friday, February 29, 2008

Kevin Borseth Meltdown

Former UW-Green Bay Coach Kevin Borseth had a major meltdown after the game with the Badgers.....Top Notch...note the lanuage is kind of salty so but its PG-13..Thanks to my good buddy Nick Olson for the link.

Click Here For The Link: Borseth Rant

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Exchange Club of Fond du Lac info

Rick Bauer and Sue George of the Exchange Club of Fond du Lac this morning as I filled in for Bob Hoffmaster on The Morning Show on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ.

If you're looking for more information on The Exchange Club of Fond du Lac you can call Rick Bauer at 960-7213 or you can go to their website by clicking here: Exchange Club of FDL.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All-FVA Boys Swimming & Diving

1st TEAM
Matt Hollub 9 Neenah 200 MR, 100 Back, 200FR
Aaron Sears 9 Neenah 200 MR, 500 Free
Matt Lagieski 9 Neenah 200 MR
Connor Christiansen 9 Neenah 200 MR, 400 FR
Dan Meyer 12 Neenah 50 Free, 200 FR, 400 FR
Scott Schuchhardt 11 Neenah 100 Free, 200 FR, 400 FR
Jeff Simpson 11 Neenah 200 FR, 400 FR
Alex Mishun 12 Neenah Diving
Ryan Goggans 11 Appleton North/East 200 Free, 500 Free, 400FR
Josh Kinney 10 Appleton North/East 200 IM, 100 Brst, 400 FR
Connor Goggans 11 Appleton North/East 400 FR
Andy Hartwig 10 Appleton North/East 400 FR
Luke Harrison 10 Oshkosh West 100 Fly

Nick Badilla 11 Appleton North/East Diving
Ethan Albrecht 11 Oshkosh North 200 IM, 100 Brst
Max Klein 12 Oshkosh West 200 FR
Peter Leach 12 Oshkosh West 200 FR
Paul LaCount 12 Oshkosh West 200 FR
Zach Haertl 11 Oshkosh West 200 FR

Alex Wollersheim 12 Neenah Diving
Spencer Hoelzel 11 Neenah 200 FR
Kevin Rezabek 11 Neenah 200 FR
Noah White 9 Neenah 200 FR
Daryl Grable 10 Neenah 200 FR
Alex Bryson 9 Appleton North/East 100 Back
Andres Gier 9 Oshkosh West 200 MR
Brian Key 9 Oshkosh West 200 MR, 50 Free, 100 Fly
Matt Key 11 Oshkosh West 500 Free
Devon Van Beek 11 Fond du Lac 200 IM, 400 FR
Jonathon Drewsen 10 Fond du Lac 400 FR
Ben Schreiber 12 Fond du Lac 400 FR
Ryan Ronayne 12 Fond du Lac 400 FR
Brian Koenen 11 Appleton North/East 100 Free
Curtis Toellner 12 Oshkosh West 200 Free, 500 Free
Billy Zuleger 12 Appleton West/Kimberly Diving
Brad Geitman 11 Fond du Lac 50
Alex Wray 11 Neenah Diving

Ryan Goggans Appleton North/East Swimmer of the Year
Alex Mishun Neenah Diver of the Year
Scott Stepanski Appleton North/East Coach of the Year

5 Cardinals on All-FVA Wrestling Teams

2007-08 All-FVA Wrestling Team

Evan Ellison 9 Fond du Lac 103
Josiah Bobier 10 Kaukauna 112
Shane McQuade 11 Appleton West 119
Jeremy Schumann 10 Oshkosh West 125
Glen Meyerhofer 12 Kaukauna 130
Tony VanDeLoo 11 Kaukauna 135
Derek Hedtke 12 Appleton North 140
Dillion Bera 12 Kaukauna 145
Eric Vanevenhoven 11 Kaukauna 152
Noah Budi 10 Kaukauna 160
Sam Engelland 12 Neenah 171
Joe Budi 12 Kaukauna 189
Matt Wallace 11 Kaukauna 215
Joe Pitsch 12 Oshkosh North 285

Ryan McQuade 9 Appleton West 103
Ethan Guyant 11 Neenah 112
Ryan Robillard 10 Neenah 119
Chris Chipman 11 Appleton North 125
Colin Ronayne 11 Fond du Lac 130
Ben Strobel 11 Neenah 135
Craig Krueger 11 Oshkosh North 140
Matt Cowling 12 Neenah 145
Ryan Mendolla 11 Kimberly 152
Tyler Bordeau 11 Menasha 160
Billy Heitpas 12 Kimberly 171
Nick Harkness 11 Kimberly 189
Lee Bartelt 12 Oshkosh North 215
Ryan Oslund 12 Appleton West 285

Steven VanWychen 10 Kaukauna 103
Thomas Campbell 10 Fond du Lac 112
Matt Kilgas 11 Kaukauna 119
Kelan McGinnis 11 Neenah 125
Ronald Cashaw 10 Appleton West 130
Ben Thone 12 Fond du Lac 135
Micah Behnke 11 Kaukauna 140
Angelo Timm 12 Kimberly 145
Josh Gallagher 11 Neenah 152
Zach Yindra 10 Kimberly 160
Mark Levandoski 12 Appleton West 171
Jake Little 12 Neenah 189
Nick Gurrath 9 Fond du Lac 215
Alex Kazik 11 Kaukauna 285

Joe Budi Kaukauna Wrestler of the Year

Jeff Matczak Kaukauna Coach of the Year

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

6 Different Women Faint For Obama Compilation

With all these ladies faiting at Obama'd think he was Elvis!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Icy Hot Recall

We mentioned this recall on the Breakfast Club this morning with Jerry St. John, so I thought I'd post the info here.

Icy Hot Heat Therapy has recalled some of their product. The Chattem's Consumer Affair's Recall # is 1-877-742-6275 if you have any questions.

Here's is a link to a story on the recall with lots more information.

Click Here: Icy Hot Recall Link

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sept 20,1992 NFL Live (NBC) Brett Favre Post Game Interview

This is where the legend began! Who would have thought this old country boy who came in for the Majik Man would never leave the lineup. Favre is so young in the post game interview.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Super Sunday That Could Have Been...

As I sit here watching Super Bowl 42 between the Patriots and the Giants in my basement, taking in the hours of pregame programming and hype today. I got to thinking about what this Sunday, could have been if the Packers had been able to get the job done in the NFC Title Game. The pregame features on Eli Manning, Michael Strahan, and Tom Coughlin would have been replaced with stories on Favre, Driver, and McCarthy.....

Here's what the day could have been for Packer fans...

8am: Wake up on Super Sunday and start getting things ready for th big night.

9am: Head to church and hear your pastor/reverend or bishop read countless prayers for the Packers in the requested prayer time, etc...

10:15am: Head to the store to pick up your final items for your Super Bowl Party. All of the checkers at your local store would have been in Packer jerseys...Favre, Driver, Hawk, maybe even a few #92 for old time sake.

11am: Return home and and get your house together for your Super Bowl Party and pop in your tape of Super Bowl XXXI to get you in the mood and take you up to the network pregame show on FOX.

2pm: The FOX Pregame show begins and you know what's coming....a four hour Brett Favre love-fest with all of the New England featured mixed in. The first hour would be all the touchy feely stories to make us all feel good.

2:05pm: A story on Favre returning to the Super Bowl after 10 years.

2:25pm: Its Donald Drivers turn in the spotlight. We hear the story of how Driver came from nothing in Houston to be the man he is today. Living in the rental truck and breaking through to play college football, waiting his turn to get a chance to play and become the All-Pro receiver and family man he is today. The first tears of Super Sunday would come here.

2:35pm: Ryan Searest interviews Samuel L. Jackson wearing a cheesehead.

2:55pm: It's time to bring in the old timers. Fox does a feature on the Ice Bowl I and the Ice Bowl 2. You have comments from Bart Starr and Brett Favre comparing how each lead their team to victory. Starr tells the story of the QB sneak to beat Dallas, while Favre describes how he called the winning touchdown pass to Greg Jennings in overtime to beat the Giants. Both say how they were sol cold they couldn't actually speak in the huddle.

3:20pm: A reshash of Super Bowl XXXI. Desmond Howard, Mike Holmgren and LeRoy Butler are joined by Drew Bledsoe, Bill Parcells and running back Curtis Martin to talk about the Packers win.

3:45pm: Jimmy Johnson sits down with Packers coach Mike McCarthy and sheds light on his role in bringing the Packers back to the promise land. They talk about his time as a toll-booth worker early in his coaching career to his first run of coaching Favre as quarterbacks coach under Ray Rhodes, to his return to Green Bay as an unknown commodity before the 2006 season.

4pm. Here's Pam Oliver's time to talk with #4: A story on Brett Favre and his wife Deanna, and the Favre family in Mississippi. You'll get shots of Big Irv, The Broke Spoke, and Favre riding the lawn mower in the offseason...Of course the talk of retirement comes up as well

4:20pm: Feature on Koren Robinson and his battle back from prison and off the field problems.

4:40pm. One more go around with Favre before kickoff. Terry Bradshaw interviews Brett Favre and Tom Brady together as they compare and contrast their styles and jokingly ask he other interview questions.

4:55pm: The Fox Studio Team makes their picks:

Curt picks the Pats: 35-21, Howie takes New England 28-24, Jimmy says New England 38-35 and Terry takes the Packers 42-41.

5:05pm Packers and Pats take the field, you get the starting lineups, the coin toss, other pregame stuff and finally the game starts.

5:31pm: The Packers win the toss and receiver. Favre over-throws Jennings on the first play by 15 yards, but then settles down to lead Green Bay on a nice drive, capped off by a 5 yard Donald Lee TD reception. Green Bay leads 7-0.

After a Patriot drive stalls Green Bay gets the ball back and Favre has the Pack rolling. Mason Crosby bangs home a 41 yard field goal and Green Bay is up 10-0 just halfway through the first quarter.

Tom Brady then takes over and leads the Pats on a long drive that is capped by a Kevin Faulk 12 yard TD run early in the 2nd quarter to cut the Packer lead to 10-7.

The Packers and Pats then trade punts before the games first mistake is made. Favre gets picked by Asante Samuel at the Packers 35 and Tom Brady turns that into a quick score when he finds Randy Moss up the right sideline for a touchdown on the first play of the drive, giving the Patriots the 14-10 lead. And that's how they go into the halftime locker room.

After Tom Petty rocks the house, New Engalnd comes out and goes on a 12 play, 81 yard drive to start the half. Tom Brady scores on a quarterback sneak on 2nd and goal from the one, as New Engalnd opens up the 21-10 lead.

The Packers go three and out on their next possession and New England is on the verge of busting the game open, but Tom Brady gets hit from behind by KGB and fumble. AJ Hawk recovers the fumble and the Packer get it at Patriots 49.

Ryan Grant breaks a run up the middle down to the New Englad 25. Favre hits Driver down to the 8 and then Grant finishes the drive off with the TD run to make it 21-17.

Tom Brady then leads New England on a drive that lasts into the 4th quarter and puts 3 more points on the board to give the Patriots the 24-17 lead with 12 minutes left.

After Tramon Williams returns the Patriots kickoff to the 40 yard line, Green Bay is able to move the chains a few tim and Mason Crosby drills a 52-yard field goal to make it 24-20 with 7 minutes left.

Tom Brady comes back on the field with hopes of salting away the 4th quarter clock and winning yet another Super Bowl. New Engalnd is able to chew the clock down to the three minute mark and they get in position for a 38 yard field goal. Stephen Gostkowski clanks off the upright and the Packer have new life with 2:50 left and trailing 24-20.

A draw to Grant gains five. A pass over the middle should have been picked off by Teddy Bruschi but he has it slip through his hands. On 3rd down, Favre gets 15 yards on a completion to Driver and we hit the two minute warning. After two incompletions, Favre hits Driver again on third down, up the left sideline that takes the ball inside the 17 with 1:25 left in the game. A pass to Grant in the flat goest for 6 yards to the 11. A 2nd down pass into the end zone is just out of the reach of Jennings. On third down Ruvell Martin, can't hang on to a pass at the goal line and it's fourth down with :58 left. On fourth down, Favre is flushed to his left, avoids a sack by Junior Seau and finds Donald Driver for the touchdown with :45 seconds left. The extra point makes it 27-24 Pack.

On the kickoff, New Engalnd gets stuffed inside the 15 yard line so it looks like the Lombardi Trophy will be coming back to Titletown! But Brady goes to work. 10 yards to Welker, 15 to Watson, 22 yards to Moss and the Patriots are threatening at the Packers 38 with :20 seconds left. On first down, Moss gets behind Nick Collins, but Brady over-shoots him so its 2nd down with :13 seconds left. On 2nd down, Brady looks for a receiver, but throws it away after being rushed by KGB. It's 3rd down with :07 left. The Patriots have one last chance. Brady throws it into the end zone where its knocked down by Al Harris and the Packers have won Super Bowl XLII 27-24 over New England !

Brett Favre is your MVP and the Lombardi Trophy returns to Green Bay!

OK.....that's what could have happend.....what might have been....we can always dream. Now back to the easy chair to watch the rest of New England and New York!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Fond du Lac Police Department Crime Stats

Here's the site we talked about on Friday's Behind the Badge with Lt. Steve Klein on Friday, February 1st. Check it out.