Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All-FVA Teams...

The All-Fox Valley Association Teams are starting to trickle in for the fall sports season...

In girls golf, Fondy put Seniors Amy Watanabe and Jessie Ruch on the first team. Seniors Sara Thiel and Katie Fritz were named Honorable Mention All-FVA.

In Cross County, Fond du Lac's senior Danny Buechel made the first team while a pair of fresmen, Josiah Swanson and Stephen Duley were given 2nd team honors. Elliot Krause of Appleton North was the Runner of the Year while Neenah's Mike Jovanovich was the Coach of the Year.

For the girls, Fondy Senior Stacy Schmitz and Sophomores Marki Klapperich and Jenny Strong were named First Team. Senior Jennifer Duley was a 2nd Team pick. Kimberly's Kelly Bogard is the Runner of the Year and Kimberly's Mike Heling was named Coach of the Year.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Trinity Wins Football Game on Final Play

This makes Cal-Stanford look like a routine play!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bo Ryan Can Dance!

Who says people who live in Wisconsin can't dance? Badger coach Bo Ryan proves them all wrong!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Yes Virginia...I have a dog....

The world must be coming to an end...hell must be freezing over...My taxes are being going down! I say this because one of the most unlikely things to ever occur has happened...I got a dog...well, my wife Crystal wanted a dog and I "agreed." So on Sunday, we added "Lucy" to our family, a 2 pound Yorkie that is just 12 weeks old. (see above picture)

I never thought, I'd have a dog, I never really wanted a dog, but I guess since marriage is a two-way street, and my bride wanted to dog in the worst way, so on Sunday we drove to Marian to added Lucy to the family.
Now there are catches to this whole situation.

#1 I've been allergic to animals my whole life. One look at a cat and my eye swell shut, I get around dogs and I sneeze so this should be a challenge.

#2 I'm not a fan of cleaning up after myself, so cleaning up after a dog, won't be the favorite thing in my world. I'm kind of a believer that I'm the dominant person in my house so I shouldn't be cleaning up my dogs poop....but here I am, hoping the little bugger doesn't leave mess on the carpet....I sat with it on this traning paper outside for like 30 minutes....and nothing! Then not two minutes into back in the house....there goes Lucy, taking care of businesson the carpet! Oh the huminty!

#3 I'm quickly finding out that Lucy now runs the show. Now I can tell you this, I felt like the worst person in the world today as I came home for lunch, and then took out Lucy....which she actually did what she does outside....then put per back in the kennell and she cryed so loud, I felt like I was the worst person on the face of the Earth....I guess others, who have had pets see this as old-hat and just part of the traning process, but it bothered me.

#4 This dog is small. As I said before, I'm freaking out that I'm going to get up one night or get off the couch and step on it. I already had a near miss on Sunday night. Lucy is always litterly on my heals wherever I go.

#5 Having the dog, means I can't be messy. Now that is going to be the hardest....gone are the days of throwing my clothes on the floor and just leaving magazines, books, and other objects around the house. Anything in Lucy's sights are either being chewed on, smelled..or God for bid...peed on...oh oh!

It's been about 24 hours since she's been here, and I'm already getting to enjoy her company though, and I haven't sneezed yet...so it actually might work out....The ladies at work told me that a dog, could me we put off having children for awhile, but others have said, that will lead to them quicker....we'll have to wait and see on that one!

All and all, I"m glad Lucy is now a part of the family.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

AWA FanFest This Weekend

This Sunday is the Packers bye week, so you might be looking for something to do. I won’t be doing any yard work or going shopping. In fact, I’m as pumped as I’ve ever been for an event. This Sunday, October 21st from Noon to 4pm, Great Lakes Championship Wrestling will be hosting an AWA FanFest at the Ramada Convention Center in Milwaukee at 13th and College Avenue. If you grew up watching the AWA on TV or going to shows at various high school and college gyms across the Midwest, you can’t miss this. The admission is just $5 bucks and it costs a little more if you want to get a photo or autograph from one of your favorite stars. Here’s who they say are scheduled to be there; Vern Gagne, The High Flyers (Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell), Nick Bockwinkel, Mad Dog Vachon, “Dr. X” Dick Beyer, and Baron Von Rashke.

The A.W.A….The Major League's of Professional Wrestling!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1920's Guy\Patriots

Check Out These Funny Post Game Questions by a guy from a Dallas Radio Station after the Patriots-Cowboys Game.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Thoughts from Lambeau: Packers vs. Redskins

OK...The Packers somehow found another way to win a game ugly to take a 5-1 record into the Bye week. The team will be off from Wednesday until next Tuesday when they will report back to get ready for their Monday Night Football game on October 28th at Denver.

It shows you what I know....as I had Green Bay 1-5 heading into the bye before the season...I had their only win being against the Redskins.

Here are some non-game related tidbits from Sunday's game at Lambeau.

1. The celebs continue to show up at Packer games. For the Sunday night game, there were a handful of Hollywoods stars at the game. Against, Washington, you had Wisconsin's own NASCAR hero Matt Kenseth at the game and he had the one and only Dale Earnhardt, Junior with him. Throw in Redskin coach Joe Gibbs, who owns a NASCAR team, and I bet there were a lot of left turns in the parking lot.

2. On the local front, I ran into former Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager at the game with her family. She was there with Maryland Attoreny General Douglas Gansler. It turns out that Mr. Gansler moonlights as some sort of Redskins correspondent for Comcast Cable.

3. With the Redskins being in town, there were your usual handful of protestors with signs in hand picketing the team nickname.

4. I think I've become soft in my old age. It started to rain mid-way through the first quarter and I was glad I was in the press box. There's nothing worse than a cold-wet rain. I'd rather have it 15 to 20 degrees colder and deal with the snow. It didn't seem that the rain kept many fans from enjoying the game. It got me thinking...when was the last time I actually sat in the stands at a Packer game.....Looking at the media guide, it was the 1999 opener against the Raiders. Brett Favre hit tight end Jeff Thomason with a late TD pass to give Ray Rhodes the win on September 12th, 1999. Boy, that was a long time ago.

5. I saw my first blaze orange at the game! Some guy was in a blaze orange snow suit...now it was a bit nippy, but that dude must have been sweating his tail off by the end of the game.

6. I'm a big fan of the pregame fly-over. It seems every Packer game there is some sort of military plane or helicoptor flying over. The best are when the jets buzz the stadium at a high rate of speed and actually shake the press box windows. On Sunday, the piolots didn't get the direct shot over the stadium so I could barly get a glimpse. I also wonder how they time it so they zoom across right as the National Anthem is wrapping up. All in all, they are great! I wis I could get a flyover at a local high school game.

OK...that's all I have from Sunday...next week is a bye weeks, so we have Sunday off. I'll check in later in the week and tell you where I'm going to be. If you're a fan of "old school" pro wrestling in the Midwest, you may be interested.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Random Thoughts from Lambeau

I'm not going to dwell on the Packers meltdown last night at Lambeau, but here are a few non-game releated items of note.

*The stars were out at Lambeau last night. I'm not talking about Favre, Driver, Hawk, or even Don Majkowski who payed a visit to his old team. I'm talking celebrities...some A-List celebs made the trip to Titletown. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were in the house. They weren't the only "power couple" in Green Bay as Ashtun Kutcher was there in a Packer hat along with wife Demi Moore. Former Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek was also taking in the game. A funny celeb moment came on the field before the game. A young man approached Timberlake and asked him if he could record his voicemail message on his cell phone. OK, it would be cool to have a celeb do your voicemail, but I thought that was a bit much.

*The UW Marching Band was at the game last night...that's always fun! The tuba section spelled out NICE CLIPBOARD REX on their tubas.

*Sometimes being in the media and sitting in the press box shields you from the fans. Leaving the stadium about midnight there was still a large amount of people lilngering around the area. I thought peoeple would get out quick with the loss and Monday being a work day for most normal folks. It wasn't the case last night. And it was nasty. I heard more F-bombs walking from my car than I hear in a month. I guess the Packer-Bear rivalry still lives...at least with the fans. In the locker room I think the guys look at it as another division game. The Vikings is the game they jacked up for.

*There was a T-Shirt giveaway before the game last night....and for a while I thought I was at the Penn State-Wisconsin game because lots of people put on those shirts, but they were white. It looked like the "White-out" the fans have in State College. Whoever sponsored that should have made the shirts green or gold to fit the Packer colors.

*A loss like last night kicks a lot of Packer fans in the gut, and I'm sure many fans lost sleep last night as it was a game the Packers should have won. The locker room is a different story. There are some guys that just move and other that it bothers. Looking in the eyes of Donald Driver and a guy who had a tough game like James Jones they were upset. Other players took a different root. Ryan Pickett told me...."Hey, we weren't going to win them all!" That's how I think many players in not only pro football, but in pro sports fell in general. I can't count how many times I've been in a locker room after a tough loss, when guys are on their cell phones, making plans for their night on the town or yucking it up with teammates. It's just not the way it used to be. ..losses are just chalked up as sub-par day at work and they move on.

*Also, lots of fans love primetime Packer games at Lambeau, but I can tell you most members of the media hate them with a passion. For a newspaper writer it means rushing through a story to get it into the morning edition of the paper. TV people end up doing late night post game shows. Lance Allen from WTMJ was there late last night, and then if you woke up and caught the 6am news on Channel 4 out of Milwaukee, there he was doing a live interview talking about the game. I left Lambeau about 12:15am, this morning, drove back to the radio station to take care of all of my various postgame duties, like editing sound bites that you hear on the morning sports, and also putting stories up on the Internet. It was 3am when I was finished. With Jerry St. John, on vacation as the KFIZ Breakfast Club morning show host, it was my duty to ancher the show from 6am to 10am. Since it was 3am and I usually arrive about 4:30am when I host for Jerry, I didn't even go home, Just take a quick nap on the coach, and its back to work for another week! Don't get me wrong, we all love what we do, but the noon starts are much better for the sleep schedule!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Famous UW Bounce Pass in 1982...

...Too bad Bucky lost at the gun 29-28.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

OJ Verdict...Where were You?

Today is one of the most infamous days in history of the United States Justice System. The day in 1995 when a jury in Los Angeles found O.J. Simpson "Not Guilty" in the double murder trial involving his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman. The circus leading up to the final verdict made it ever so more surreal. From the Bronco Chase, to OJ's "Dream Team" Defense, to the "Dancing Itos" on The Tonight Show it was just one big and strange ordeal. One of my first ventures into radio was to sit in the studio and make sure the OJ Simpson Trial on the air. YES, at the time our companies FM Station, now K107.1-FM was Facts 107 and aired news 24 hours of the day. We played the OJ Trial from gavel to gavel, inserting commercials when time permitted.....yes there were sponsors!!!! Regardless of what you thought of OJ, people were interested in what was going on..."If It doesn't fit....you must acquit!"....Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Baily, Marcia Clark, Robert Shapiro, Kato and of course Judge Lance Ito all became fixtures of pop culture from their role in the trial!

It was 12 years ago when the endless trial reached it's climax...no more DNA experts, or blood experts, or some guy talking about fibers found in a Chicago hotel room as the jury had a verdict. I think the world stopped at that moment....and most people I've talked to can remember where they were when OJ got off! Where was I you ask? I was huddled around a small TV in the Master Control Room of the TV studio on the campus of UW-Oshkosh. I remember to this day about 50 people all watching this 12 inch TV as the verdict was read....first it was the woman reading the verdict, screwing up OJ's first name...talk about a buzz kill for her...the verdict will be read for the rest of time, and she screwed up her moment...like botching a record setting home run call...she can never get it back.......Then once the not guilty was announced, you see OJ hugging his defense team and the Brown and Goldman Families sitting there in disbelief....I also remember a fellow classmate yelling "The Juice Is Loose!"

That trial changed the way American's looked at our legal system....and showed how a famous, and wealthy person can basically buy himself out of trouble, or at least tip the scales of justice in their favor to gain the desired verdict......Where were you on this day, 12 years go?

With Simpson's current legal troubles involving a robbery in Las Vegas...You have to wonder if OJ will be able to pull it off again and if a potential trial will be as much of a media circus.

Where's that "Judge Ito" costume I had in college anyways? I might need it next summer.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Call Me Crazy...I'd rather be at work!

OK....I have come to the conclusion that I am crazy. The guys in the white coats will be knocking on my door and using the above straight jacket and throwing me in the rubber room!

What do I say this you ask? Well, I actually think I have too much vacation from my job! Well, as you get up off the floor in disbelief, hear me out! ha!

I'm the kind of guy who, when I take a day off of work, I want to actually do something. I don't want to just sit at home and watch TV or stare at the wall. I think that is a big waste of time. A day off me means traveling somewhere interesting or going out and doing something fun or productive. I'm also not the guy who takes a vacation day to do work around the house. That can be done at night or on the weekend.

As the end of the year approaches, its time to figure out how much vacation time I have left and then figure out how I'm going to use it. Now, bear in mind, I use vacation time every year to go to the Badger Bowl game, a golf major (this year was the U.S. Open in Oakmont), and also a trip to Bristol for the spring NASCAR race! Oh, and also I used a chunk of days off to get married. All worthwhile things. With all that said, I still have a handfull of days to use up. It's tough for me to take days off this time of year because of obligations to our company's coverage of the Green Bay Packers, and high school sports. So with the clock ticking I just took today off....what for you ask? Just to use the day. And so far, here's what I got for my day off.....

Woke up, about 6:45am to listen to the Breakfast Club with Jerry St. John on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ. I'm usually a part of that show!...And I guess I was today as Jerry pulled out a clip of the me singing the "Good Morning Song" Great! There goes the ratings down the toilet! Then I got to thinking about how I'm going to have to makeup all of what I missed today, on Wednesday when I get back. I actually think about stopping in for a few minutes, but then, I think otherwise...that would require getting dressed.

Then comes about an hour of just laying in in bed, followed by 2 glorious hours of watching a DVD on the history of Verne Gagne's old AWA. Great stuff! After that....It's Internet surfing time until my lovely wife comes home from work! What a productive day!

In the old days, when I would take a day off with nothing to do, I'd pull out the old Playstation and go through a 12 hour marathon shift of NCAA Football. That aint happening today! Sometimes that takes more out of me that actually being at work!

Now what do I do, a blog for work....oh well, on Wednesday, when its time to get back in the grind and that alarm goes off at 4:30am...I'll probably wish I was on vacation again!

Vacation Days..."Use'em or Lose'em!" I guess I'll use them!

Oh...and if the boss is reading this......I won't be giving any of my vacation days back! Thank you very much!....hmm....I wonder how much I could sell my remaining few days to fellow employees for? I'll have to check the employee handbook to see if it's legal!

Again, bring on the White Coats....because I'm crazy for even thinking this!